Grow and Go Forth Women’s Leadership Institute seeks to encourage, equip and guide the Christian woman that is seeking and searching for knowledge that will bring forth the greatness they know they have with in them.  Knowledge that will equip them to walk in their destiny and ordained purpose.

We are a conduit of knowledge and with that being said some of our training resources are adapted from well known speakers and organizations such as Crown Financial, Myles Munroe, Joyce Meyer Ministries, Dave Ramsey and many more. We use the Bible – The Word of God – as our guide post in all that we teach.  Learn about our beliefs here.

Knowledge is not something to be hoarded but shared.  As the founder Tereciah V. Smithen-Quintana states, Give Believers in the body of Christ the Word and they are armed for the day, in some cases hours! But teach them how to activate the Word in their lives and they will be equipped for a lifetime!

Our desire is to impact the area of influence we are called to with our training, that it causes a shift – physical, emotional, financial and spiritual – in generations to come.  The Kingdom of Heaven being manifested right here on earth.

Grow and Go Forth Women’s Leadership Institute is a division of LifeSpark Ministries.