Our Purpose

To equip Christian Women of Purpose with foundational kingdom principles that will allow them to become effective leaders, visionaries and change agents.

Basic Objectives

  • To create an environment where students are encouraged, empowered and equipped to live their lives full of potential and promise
  • To enable students to develop a sound business foundation that will enable them to be successful in their entrepreneurial activities
  • To assist students in developing, exercising and growing their faith therefore enabling them to have a more stronger and purposeful spiritual life
  • To encourage students who are willing to be strong and courageous in bringing God’s Kingdom to the marketplace
  • To raise up Kingdom Marketplace Change Agents
  • To deepen students understanding of true leadership

Basic Benefits

  • Students will exemplify learned material in real world application
  • Experienced teachers and presenters
  • Mentorship, accountability, encouragement, and guidance
  • Knowledge that will help propel them to truly be the woman they’ve always known was within them
  • Students will be ready to start a business or grow the one they currently have
  • Know what it takes to live a healthier, happier life and have the skill and mind set to do so
  • Deeper faith and understanding of the Word of God and how it applies to their lives
  • Awards, certificates, interviews, discounts, and more!