Next Class Start Date: March 22, 2014

Time: 10am-4pm

Location: Knightdale Recreation Center, 101 Lawson Ridge Road, Knightdale, NC 27545

This is an ON-SITE location class.

The BluePrint Manifesto is a series of workshops styled training developed to give participants a foundation of what it means, and what it will take to bring forth their God given dream, goal, desire or calling.

Participants will immerse themselves in topics such as leadership, purpose, personal, finances, spiritual growth, and business.  The BluePrint Manifesto is broken down into 8 modules with each module being 1 weeks long.

Each module is dependent upon the other, so modules cannot be taken separately.  Signing up indicates you are able to complete the entire 7 modules.-

Cost: $597 – Payable as a one time fee or in installments.

Module Descriptions

Module 1: Designed to Dominate (Leadership)

  • Learn what leadership truly is and why it is important
  • Discover your sphere of influence, what it means and how to create a change in that area.
  • Uncover the greatness within you and unleash it with confidence

Module 2: Inherently Designed (Self Discovery)

  • Learn the seven integral parts of your vision and why they are necessary in order to succeed.
  • Discover and understand the real reason behind your existence: purpose.
  • Define your unique spiritual gifts and how they can benefit your vision and the Body of Christ

Module 3: Over a Few Things (Financial)

  • Learn why it’s important to have your personal and business finances in order when your building your vision.
  • Discover ways you can use your spiritual gifts and talents coupled with your unique abilities to produce an income.
  • Learn how to do business by the Book

Module 4: Clearing the Path for Success (Spiritual Growth)

  • Discover who God truly created you to be and how to walk in your spiritual authority.
  • Understand the art of renewing your mind and its importance.
  • Discover how spiritual hindrances invade your lives, the root of their origin and how they manifest in your life to keep you from living on purpose.
  • Activate a personal study of God’s word.

Module 5: Making the Shift (Personal Development)

  • Learn why good time management skills are important to vision building and how to maintain them.
  • Get a clear understanding on mindset mentality and the importance of CEO versus Employee.
  • Discover ways to handle the “cares of this world” and still be productive in building your vision
  • Learn how to build stronger relationships without the toxicity of negativity.

Module 6: Behind the Scenes (Business)

  • Learn your own individualized step-by-step plan needed for you to move from idea to manifestation.
  • Understand the technical parts of launching your idea from licenses to insurance to incorporation to taxes.
  • Get a greater understanding of social media, why it’s important and how to utilize it.

Module 7: Stepping Out (Manifestation)

  • Conduct in person vision presentations, boards and ideas.
  • Create a strategic plan with attainable goals and determinable outcomes.
  • Live scenarios for students to “put their self out there.”

Module 8: Time of Reflection

This is the students chance to ask, discuss, or collaborate on anything that was covered.  Also a time for reflection and community involvement.


March 22, 2014 – Module 1

April 5, 2014 – Module 2

April 19, 2014 – Module 3

May 3, 2014 – Module 4

May 17, 2014 – Module 5

May 31, 2014 – Module 6

June 14, 2014 – Module 7

June 28, 2014 – Module 8

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